Bigblue AL1300WP TORCH Dive Light - dive torch / LED torch / torch light for Scuba Diving [ready stock] [underwater]
Price RM582.00
Brand Bigblue
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm

The Bigblue AL1300WP-T Wide LED Torch is the perfect combination of size and power. it was a whopping 85 degree beam and is perfect to use with cameras similar to a GoPro or to search around on the sea floor looking for little critters. 

The light features a 1300 Lumens at 6500k colour temperature, paired with a large 85 degree angle with a soft edge gives this light tremendous visibility. 

It features the ever so reliable 18650 rechargeable battery giving you 2 hours burn time on the maximum brightness. 

It has four power settings to reduce the intensity of the light and help increase battery life and features an all aluminium casing to protect the light. 

This light is the perfect tool for those deep dive explorations or if you want to get the perfect underwater shot with your camera. 

Bigblue Al1300WP-T Wide LED Torch 


1300 Lumens at 6500k 

Colour Temperature 85 degree beam angle rechargeable 

18650 battery four power settings 

100m depth rating aluminum casing 

Brand: Bigblue 

Product: AL1300WP-T Wide LED Torch