Apollo Bio-Metal Mask - ready stock - 100% authentic - official dealer [scuba diving]
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Brand Apollo
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
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Apollo Bio Metal Mask offers the largest field of vision. 

Plastics and other materials are used for the average mask. 

This will require a thicker frame to remain stable. 

Using aluminium allows the Bio-Metal frame to be produced with a very low profile while still supporting a twin lens design. 

Twin lens design is preferable to single because it brings each lens closer to the eye for a wider field of vision and reduced inner volume. 

Aluminium also allows for a very minimal center pillar. 

The slim-line center pillar is narrow enough to have almost zero effect on field of vision. 

Divers often feel a slight distortion of view. 

This is because a lack of alignment between the lens and actual eye center. 

The low profile mask frame and soft flange make this an excellent fitting mask for almost any shape face. 


- Soft silicone skirt 

- Low profile aluminium frame 

- One-touch buckles for easy adjustment 

- Narrow center pillar 

- Twin lens low volume design 

- 100% made in Japan