Aluminium Colour Pointer with Lanyard for Scuba Diving - Underwater - Accessory (READY STOCK)
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Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm
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1. Solid aluminum alloy material, durable, corrosion-resistant, rust, lightweight, difficult to deform. 

2. You can use it to get the lobsters out of the holes or contact unknown underwater creatures, safer and more environmentally friendly. 

3.Measure Stick: With measuring on the stick, you can do some simple measurement. 

4. Easy to carry: With adjustable comfortable wrist strap for preventing lost. 

You can keep it around your wrist, or slip them in pockets. 

Material: Aluminum alloy Size: 350*8mm 

Color: as picture shown 


1. Used to tap the gas cylinder and make a "squeaky" sound to attract the attention of others, the Chinese name comes from this 

2. Used to indicate direction or to signal someone to pay attention to something,the English name is the result 

3. Used to find or interact with small creatures on the sea floor, safer and more environmentally friendly than by hand 

4. When the body is close to the bottom of the sea, corals, and creatures, use this stick to contact them and avoid contact with it. 

5. When you encounter a special situation such as a strong current, you can use it as a hook to fix your body.


1. The diving stick is not a weapon. 

Please use rationally the diving stick while enjoying the beauty of the sea. 

Do not use it to attack or over-harass marine life! 

2. Although the diving stick is not a weapon, its shape is likely to attract the attention of airport security personnel. 

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is safer to put it in registered baggage. 

Included: 1 x Diving Pointer